Higgs in Amsterdam

And there he was: the one and only Higgs. Professor Peter W. Higgs, the titular hero of our recently premiered documentary film, aka the namesake of the H-mechanism, H-field and H-boson – aka the magic triangle in particle physics – aka the special guest at the last IDFA-screening of our H-film.
From left to right: Prof. Peter W. Higgs, Jonny Higgs, Hannie vd Bergh and Jan van den Berghiggshiggs
Professors Higgs and Bentvelsen, aka the protagonists of our documentary, enjoying a beer together after Higgs’ guest-lecture My Life as a Boson at Nikhef; Amsterdam, 27 November 2009.
higgs & veltman
Close encounter of the hors categorie kind: Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Martinus Veltman and Prof. Peter W. Higgs.

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