Higgs at University of Birmingham (UK)
(March 19 – 21, 2014)

Higgs at AFO (Olomouc, Czechoslovakia)

“Higgs Into the Heart of Imagination was selected for World competition at AFO (Academia film Olomouc), the International Festival of Science Documentary Films in Olomouc, Czechoslovakia (16. – 21. 4. 2013)
Higgs in Maastricht (27 February 2013)
Screening at Lumière Cinema Maastricht, in collaboration with Studium Generale
Higgs in Eindhoven (21 November 2012)
Screening at a Studium Generale programma of Eindhoven University of Technology
Higgs in Amsterdam (15 & 16 September 2012)
Two screenings at the The Science Park Amsterdam Film Festival (SPAFF), with an introduction by dr. Ivo van Vulpen (Nikhef)
Higgs update broadcasted on Dutch Television (4 July 2012)
On the very evening of CERN’s announcement of the discovery of the legendary Higgs boson, a highly updated version of the documentary – including footage of Peter Higgs on the eve of the history-making press conference – was broadcasted on Dutch Television.
Higgs in Amsterdam
Film&Science Festival 2012.
Awarded the Grand Prix of the Film&Science Festival Amsterdam 2012
HIGGS at the 360˚ Contemporary Science Film Festival in Moskou September 2011
Contemporary science film festival Contemporary Science Film Festival
Частицы/ Higgs, Into the Heart of Imagination
Нидерланды, 2009
54 мин.
Режиссёр: Ханни Ван Ден Берг, Ян Ван Ден Берг

Higgs at Coruna (Spain)

Higgs in New York
The 3rd Imagine Science Film Festival is glad to inform you that the film “Higgs: The Heart of the Imagination” has been selected in competition for our 2010 festival, which takes place October 15-22, 2010. Your film was selected from out of over 200 films received from 15 different countries.higgs new york
Higgs at the Netherlands Film Festival Utrecht
The film is selected for the Netherlands Film Festival 22 sept-1 oct 2010 at Utrecht.


Higgs at the Brooklyn Film Festival
The 13th Brooklyn International Film Festival is glad to inform you that the film “HIGGS, INTO THE HEART OF IMAGINATION” has been selected in competition for our 2010 festival, which takes place June 4-13, 2010. We are proud to represent your film’s United States Premiere here in Brooklyn, New York.


Higgs broadcasted on Dutch Television (4 February 2010)
The documentary was broadcasted by Human / HollandDoc and watched by around 140.000 people. Some 20.000 people watched it in the days and weeks after, on internet.

Higgs at IDFA (world première)
The première was attended by Peter Higgs and his son Jonny on 20 Nov. 2009

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